[ENG] – EntrySat


This page is linked to the information available on the project website. In particular, the page provided by the project team for people wishing to receive the satellite: https://www.csut.eu/recevoir-entrysat/.

EntrySat decoding software

With the EntrySat project team, telemetry decoding software has been developed. It is available via the link :

User manual

Prerequisites :

To receive EntrySat frames, it is necessary to have a BPSK 9600 baud receiver and demodulator.


  • EntrySat software has been tested with Soundmodem demodulation software.
  • UZ7HO develops radio demodulators for several types of protocols. There is a version of soundmodem allowing the management of the BPSK at 9600 bauds.

On the UZ7HO website, you need to download the file other-versions.zip . Once the file is decompressed, select the directory G3RUH-BPSK-9K6 and launch the soundmodem.exe software

Launching EntrySat

To launch the software:

  • on the command line: java -jar Entrysat.jar
    or under Window double click on: Entrysat.jar

After a few seconds, the software interface is displayed:

  • 0: if the software has access to the Internet, it will look for the latest information and indicate if a new version is available. The assignment of the TLE Number will be automatically updated.
  • 1: IP address of the soundmodem, by default localhost
  • 2: Port, default 8100
  • 3: Start allows you to connect to Soundmodem. Soundmodem must have been launched before.

Pressing the start button 3 starts the connection with soundModem

  • 1: the result of the connection is displayed
    • KISS TCP Start: the connection is made, the software is ready to receive a frame
    • TCP DISCONNECTED: the connection has been interrupted, no possibility to connect to soundmodem. Verified that soundmodem is running and configured correctly
  • 2 : The Stop button stops the connection with soundmodem. This will be effective after receiving a frame
  • 3 : Allows you to save the received frames in a file. It is saved in the data directory at the root where the software was installed.

Configuration tab

  • 1: allows you to indicate your callsign
  • 2: Allows you to indicate the latitude of the station in XX.XXS format for South or XX.XXN for North.
  • 3: Allows you to indicate the longitude of the station in XX.XXE format for East or XX.XXW for West
  • 4: if the box is checked, the frame sending to the Entrysat database will be enabled. Data in 2,3 and 5 will be used.
  • 5: text used in the SIDS protocol to identify the source
  • 6: If the box is checked, the frame sending to the SatnoGs database will be enabled. Data in 2,3 and 7 will be used
  • 7: text used in the SIDS protocol to identify the source
  • 8: Saves the configuration in a text file located in the Config. The configuration is taken into account immediately.

Visualization of the received data: